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CEP & checkpoints/savepoints

I’m working with CEP to detect when something stops reporting (which is very simple), but I need to show the team that the jobs will survive being shutdown and restarted without either a) declaring that everything stopped reporting (false positives) or b) missing things that have indeed stopped reporting (false negatives).

There seems to be NO documentation regarding CEP and checkpoints/savepoints. Am I just missing it? Or is it something so simple that it should be obvious?

Our graph is fairly straightforward - keyed stream using event time and a Pattern that is essentially a report followed by a report within a time window, and we use the timed-out side output as the “events” indicating “thing stopped reporting”. It seems that we need to checkpoint/savepoint the pattern state along with the normal things checkpointed (e.g., Kafka offsets).

For now, I should be able to sell an assertion from you that it works, but official documentation would help.

Ron Crocker
Distinguished Engineer & Architect
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