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Re: Jar availability after cluster restart

Hi Ricardo,

you're right. The uploaded jars are not persisted. However, if you enable
HA mode and start a job, then they will be persisted as part of the job
information. If you need to resubmit the job from the web ui, however, you
still need to reupload them after a failover.


On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 8:54 AM <Ricardo.Costa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.invalid>

> Hi all,
> Just trying to make sure I haven't missed anything - after a cluster
> restart all the uploaded jars are not available from the dashboard or REST
> API. So in case we need to resubmit a new job from an already uploaded jar
> after a cluster restart, it is my understanding that one needs to re-upload
> the jar first, is that correct?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ricardo
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