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Re: Flink 1.7 Development Priorities

I would be nice to see the state TTL work finished.  At the moment state
will not expire if a key is not accessed while the job is running, which
means jobs that require state expiration must continue using timers to
expire data.

On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 1:12 AM Aljoscha Krettek <aljoscha@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Everyone,
> After the recent Flink 1.6 release the people working on Flink at data
> Artisans came together to talk about what we want to work on for Flink 1.7.
> The following is a list of high-level directions that we will be working on
> for the next couple of months. This doesn't mean that other things are not
> important or maybe more important, so please chime in.
> That being said, here's the high-level list:
>  - make the Rest API versioned
>  - provide docker-compose based quickstarts for Flink SQL
>  - support writing to S3 in the new streaming file sink
>  - add a new type of join that allows "joining streams with tables"
>  - Scala 2.12 support
>  - improvements to resource scheduling, local recovery
>  - improved support for running Flink in containers, Flink dynamically
> reacting to changes in the container deployment
>  - automatic rescaling policies
>  - initial support for state migration, i.e. changing the
> schema/TypeSerializer of Flink State
> This is also an invitation for others to post what they would like to work
> on and also to point out glaring omissions.
> Best,
> Aljoscha