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Flink 1.7 Development Priorities

Hi Everyone,

After the recent Flink 1.6 release the people working on Flink at data Artisans came together to talk about what we want to work on for Flink 1.7. The following is a list of high-level directions that we will be working on for the next couple of months. This doesn't mean that other things are not important or maybe more important, so please chime in.

That being said, here's the high-level list:
 - make the Rest API versioned
 - provide docker-compose based quickstarts for Flink SQL
 - support writing to S3 in the new streaming file sink
 - add a new type of join that allows "joining streams with tables"
 - Scala 2.12 support
 - improvements to resource scheduling, local recovery
 - improved support for running Flink in containers, Flink dynamically reacting to changes in the container deployment
 - automatic rescaling policies
 - initial support for state migration, i.e. changing the schema/TypeSerializer of Flink State

This is also an invitation for others to post what they would like to work on and also to point out glaring omissions.