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[ANNOUNCE] Weekly community update #34

Dear community,

this is the weekly community update thread #33. Please post any news and
updates you want to share with the community to this thread.

# Flink 1.5.3 has been released

The community released Flink 1.5.3 [1]. It contains more than 20 fixes and
improvements. The community recommends upgrading to this version if you are
already using Flink 1.5.x.

# Bravo: Utility for reading and transforming Flink savepoints

Gyula started the project Bravo [2] which is a tool to read, inspect and
transform Flink savepoints. This should enable users to extract state from
a Flink application, migrate state and bootstrap applications. Gyula
currently collects feedback how to extend this tool and how to integrate it
in the main repository [3]. Please join this discussion to give your input.

# Flink 1.7

The community started working on the next major release Flink 1.7. Ideas
for features to include in this release will be published shortly on the
mailing list.

[1] https://flink.apache.org/news/2018/08/21/release-1.5.3.html
[2] https://github.com/king/bravo