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How to handle tests that need docker?


I'm working together with Richard Deurwaarder on the PubSub Source and Sink

We currently have most of the code done and we also have several tests that
verify the behavior by actually reading and writing messages to and from
These tests use a docker image provided by Google that includes the pubsub

Starting and stopping this thing is really fast.
Starting up, creating topic, running a few tests and cleaning up takes
about 5 seconds.

Although the complete set of tests run on my machine in about 20-25 seconds
it does mean that anyone doing that MUST have docker installed locally.

So my question to the committers: Do we simply leave these tests "always
on" or do you want them to be "off by default" or something else.
I case you do not want the "always on" then please indicate how we should
implement the "on"/"off" switch for these tests.


Best regards / Met vriendelijke groeten,

Niels Basjes