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Re: [DISCUSS] Improve Tutorials section of documentation


I think this moves us in the direction how having a more hands-on tutorials section where we don't explain all the details and a reference section where we provide details but don't necessarily spell out a full step-by-step case.

> On 9. Aug 2018, at 14:44, Fabian Hueske <fhueske@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'd like to discuss a proposal to improve the tutorials / quickstart guides
> of Flink's documentation.
> I think the current tutorials have a few issues that should be fix in order
> to help our (future) users getting started with Flink.
> I propose to add a single "Tutorials" section to the documentation where
> users find step-by-step guides. The tutorials section help users with
> different goals:
>  * Get a quick idea of the overall system
>  * Implement a DataStream/DataSet/Table API/SQL job
>  * Set up Flink on a local machine (or run a Docker container)
> For some of these goals, we do not offer tutorials yet. Our existing
> tutorials are mixed with instructions for how to setup an environment to
> develop Flink itself ("IDE setup", "Building Flink from Source"), and
> reference information that is required to implement applications
> ("Configuring Dependencies, Connectors, Libraries", Project Templates
> Java/Scala).
> As a first step, I would like to reorganize this content of the
> "Quickstart", "Examples", and "Project Setup" sections of the documentation
> depending on the goals of the users (getting started, reference lookup,
> developing Flink). So, this would be mostly moving content around.
> In a second step, I would improve existing tutorials (Implementing
> DataStream applications, Local Setup) and add missing tutorials (Local
> Docker setup, Implementing DataSet / Table API / SQL applications, etc.).
> What do you think?
> Cheers, Fabian