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Re: [VOTE] Release 1.6.0, release candidate #2

I'm not strictly sure whether there must not be any issues with a
fixVersion of the current RC. At least in the past, we did not do it like
this. Moreover, if a RC is canceled some of these issues might still go in
the actual release.

However, I also see the point that the release notes are confusing as long
as the RC is not released. Once we release, JIRA will bump all unresolved
issues with a fixVersion of the release version to the next minor release
version. Then the release notes should reflect the truth.

I think this we should clearly define how the community wants to handle
this situation and adhere to it with the next release.


On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 8:27 AM Chesnay Schepler <chesnay@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Elias is correct, when a RC is out no more open issuen should exist that
> has a fixVersion for that version.
> (An uncommon exception is the first RC which can be released for testing
> purposes.)
> On 04.08.2018 04:34, vino yang wrote:
> > Hi Elias,
> >
> > Usually in order to make the release note clear and brief. It will only
> > contain issues that have been fixed before the pre-release branch is cut.
> > For issues that are scheduled to be processed in this version but not
> > processed, they will be postponed to the next minor or major version.
> >
> > Thanks, vino.
> >
> > 2018-08-04 7:54 GMT+08:00 Elias Levy <fearsome.lucidity@xxxxxxxxx>:
> >
> >> On Fri, Aug 3, 2018 at 9:23 AM Till Rohrmann <trohrmann@xxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> >>
> >>> The complete staging area is available for your review, which includes:
> >>> * JIRA release notes [1],
> >>> [1]
> >>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?
> >> projectId=12315522&version=12342760
> >>
> >>
> >> Shouldn't the release notes only include issues that have been closed,
> not
> >> simple those that have a Fix Version equal to the release version?
> There
> >> are a lot of issues with an assigned Fix Version that are still open.
> >>