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Re: is Flink's recovery speed still slow?

Hi jiaxl,

Thanks for your verification!

Yes, Flink is growing very fast. There is really not much benchmark or blog
to explore this topic, after all, the local recovery feature is released in
version 1.5. The time point is not long before, and this part is still
being improved and not very mature.

Thanks, vino.

2018-07-25 19:16 GMT+08:00 jiaxl <jthunder1005@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi vino,
> Thanks for your early reply.
> Since 2017, developers of Flink have done great job to improve the
> performance. But I didn't find papers or blogs as a response to that paper.
> So I asked this question here.
> Before asking this question, I was doing some experiment with Flink 1.5.1.
> But as you know, it takes some time to tune the system to its best state
> and
> then experiment can be done. So I expect that some experienced developers
> may have done some related research to share.
> Thanks again, jiaxl
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