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[ANNOUNCE] Program for Flink Forward Berlin 2018 has been announced

Hi everyone,

I'd like to announce the program for Flink Forward Berlin 2018.

The program committee [1] assembled a program of about 50 talks on use
cases, operations, ecosystem, tech deep dive, and research topics.
The conference will host speakers from Airbnb, Amazon, Google, ING, Lyft,
Microsoft, Netflix and Uber and many other organizations.


Flink Forward Berlin 2018 will take place on September 3-5.
As previously announced, the registration is open and as a member of the
Flink community we offer you a 20% discount on your conference pass if you
register with the code *MailingList*.


Best regards,
(PC Chair for Flink Forward Berlin 2018)

[1] https://berlin-2018.flink-forward.org/program-committee/