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[ANNOUNCE] Weekly community update #29

Dear community,

this is the weekly community update thread #29. Please post any news and
updates you want to share with the community to this thread.

# Feature freeze Flink 1.6

The Flink community has cut off the release branch for Flink 1.6 [1]. From
now on, the community will concentrate on fixing the last remaining release
blockers before Flink 1.6 will be released.

# Flink 1.5.1 released

The Flink community has released the first bug fix release 1.5.1 [2]
containing more than 60 fixes and improvements.

# Improve record serialization

Zhijiang kicked off a discussion about improving the way Flink serializes
records into multiple result subpartitions [3]. His proposal aims at
reducing redundant serialization overhead by sharing buffers across
multiple subpartitions. Please join the discussion if you want to learn