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Flink WindowedStream - Need assistance

Dear All,

We have 2 independent streams which will receive elements in different

DataStream<Tuple3<String, Integer, Double>> splittedActivationTuple;

DataStream<Tuple2<String, Double>> unionReloadsStream;

We have a requirement to keep "splittedActivationTuple" stream elements in
a Window of eviction time period of 24 hours. So I created a
"WindowedStream" like below,

WindowedStream<Tuple3<String, Integer, Double>, Tuple, GlobalWindow>
keyedWindowedActStream = splittedActivationTuple
            .evictor(TimeEvictor.of(Time.of(24, TimeUnit.HOURS)));

Our requirements are following,


   When "unionReloadsStream" receives data, we need to check whether the
   corresponding "String" field matches with the "String" field in the
   WindowedStream and accumulate "WindowedStream's" Double with
   "unionReloadsStream" Double.Will this possible with Flink? I checked
   CoGroup and CoMap. But I couldn't figure out how to do since I am new.

   CEP functionality to create a new Stream of from WindowedStream if the
   Double value > 100? I went through several flink's CEP tutorials. But
   couldn't able to figure out how to do with "WindowedStream"?

I am very new to flink. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.