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[TABLE][SQL] Enirchment/Time versioned joins support in Flink


Together with Fabian, Timo and Stephan we were working on a proposal to add a support for time versioned joins in Flink SQL/Table API. The idea here is to support use cases, when user would like to join a stream of data with a table, that changes over time and where future updates to the table do not affect past/previously emitted results.

I have prepared a document describing such feature, with proposed nomenclature and syntax, as well with explained semantic of such join: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KaAkPZjWFeu-ffrC9FhYuxE6CIKsatHTTxyrxSBR8Sk/edit?ts=5b34c416#heading=h.bpzgdkgvel0s <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KaAkPZjWFeu-ffrC9FhYuxE6CIKsatHTTxyrxSBR8Sk/edit?ts=5b34c416#heading=h.bpzgdkgvel0s>

The document briefly covers also a case of enrichment join with static/bounded table.

If anyone has any comments/questions, please feel free to mark them in the document or in this thread.

Thanks, Piotrek