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CoreOptions.TMP_DIRS bug

Hello guys,

We have discovered minor issue with Flink 1.5 on YARN particularly which was related with the way Flink manages temp paths (io.tmp.dirs
) in configuration: https://ci.apache.org/projects/flink/flink-docs-master/ops/config.html#io-tmp-dirs

1.       From what we can see in the code, default option doesn’t correspond to reality on YARN or on Mesos deployments. Looks like it equals to env variable ‘_FLINK_TMP_DIR’ on Mesos and to `LOCAL_DIRS` on Yarn.

2.       The issue on Yarn is that it is impossible to have different LOCAL_DIRS on JobManager and TaskManager, despite LOCAL_DIRS value depends on the container.

The issue is that CoreOptions.TMP_DIRS is configured to the default value during JobManager initialization and added to the configuration object. When TaskManager is launched the appropriate configuration object is cloned with LOCAL_DIRS which makes sense only for Job Manager container. When YARN container with TaskManager from his point of view CoreOptions.TMP_DIRS is always equal either to path in flink.yml or to the or to the LOCAL_DIRS of Job Manager (default behaviour). Is TaskManager’s container do not have an access to another folders, that folders allocated by YARN TaskManager cannot be started.

Could you please confirm that it is a bug and I will create a Jira ticket to track it?

Kind Regards
Oleksandr Nitavskyi