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[DISCUSS] Feature freeze for Flink 1.6

Dear community,

as discussed in the Flink 1.6 feature thread [1], the proposed release date
of *end of July* for Flink 1.6 is getting closer. Since we need a release
manager I would first of all volunteer for it.

With Flink 1.5, the community invested a lot of time into release and test
automation. This helps us to cut down the release overhead considerably.
However, I would still plan for a bug fixing and testing period of two
weeks to be on the safe side.

Given this testing period, I would propose to do the feature freeze on the
15th of July 23:59 CET in order to keep the release date. This means that
we would cut the Flink 1.6 release branch on this date and no more feature
contributions would be accepted for this branch.

I know that not all of the features the community is working on are
completed yet. But don't worry, since the community wants to release more
often with shorter release cycles, features which won't be completed for
Flink 1.6 will then be shipped with Flink 1.7.

What do you think concerning the proposed feature freeze?