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Re: [Proposal] Code Reviewer List


These kind of lists are imo misguided as they setup false expectations.
They imply that "If I ping person X at time Y I will get a fast review", which is just not true.

Thus, allow me to answer your questions:

“Who should I tag in my PR for code review?”

You shouldn't tag anyone in PRs. Contributors do not pick reviewers, reviewers pick contributions.

“How long does it take to get a first response from the reviewer?”

We do not provide any guarantees for a timely review.
As far as Apache Flink is concerned reviews are done on a volunteer basis,
thus enforcing any kind of "work assignment" will not happen.

On 09.06.2018 03:19, Yaz Sh wrote:
Hi Flink Community,

I am working with Flink for last couple of months and still learning it. Recently, I have started as a contributor in Flink to perform some minor changes and I am very excited to start working on bigger tasks.
Questions I always have in mind, when I make a PR, are “Who should I tag in my PR for code review?” and “How long does it take to get a first response from the reviewer?”

Usually if there is a Jira ticket reported on the task, I will tag reporter as well as people who commented on it. Also, I look at other PRs with similar topics and try to find out who is doing code review for those PRs.

Here I would like to share a proposal to create a "Code Reviewer List" as part of Flink contribution guideline. This list would provide name of code reviewers, their availabilities, topics of interest as well as turnaround time for initial code review. This will provide good starting point for new contributors like myself to find a code reviewer based on a topic he/she is contributing.

I would appreciate if Flink community shares thoughts on this proposal!