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[SQL] [CALCITE] not applicable function for TIME

Hi there!​

First of all I want to thank you for your time and efforts about this

I am Software Engineer with almost 3 years experience, most of the time I
work with Java related technologies.

Recently I have started to consider possibility to contribute to Flink.
For begin I chose this issue: https://issues.apache.org/

After implementation I have faced with an interesting question. When I was
trying to decide what tests to create for the function DECADE in class
I've figured out that such functions as CENTURY and MILLENNIUM work with
TIME type without problems.  Here an examples:
EXTRACT(CENTURY FROM TIME '00:00:00') - returns 0
EXTRACT(MILLENNIUM FROM TIME '00:00:00') - returns 0

It's strange by my opinion, time is not date and how we can extract such
things from that.

Meanwhile when I try to use similar logic in calcite, error is occured.
Here an example:
throws `java.lang.AssertionError: unexpected TIME`

Is it necessary to create separate issue for that?