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[WEBSITE] Proposal to rework the Flink website

Hi everybody,

I've opened a PR [1] that reworks parts of the Flink website (

My goal is to improve the structure of the website and provide more
valuable information about the project and the community.

A visitor (who doesn't know Flink yet) should be able to easily find
answers to the following questions:
* What is Apache Flink?
* Does it address my use case?
* Is it credible? / Who is using it?

To achieve that, I have:
* Rework menu structure into three sections to address different audiences:
  - Potential users (see above)
  - Users
  - Contributors
* Reworked start page: updated the figure, added a feature grid, moved
"Powered By" section up
* Replaced Features page by more detailed "What is Flink?" pages
* Reworked "Use Cases" page

The PR should also improve the page for users who have questions about
Flink or need help.
For that, I have:
* Added a "Getting Help" page (less content than the detailed community
* Removed IRC channel info

Please give feedback, suggest improvements, and proof read the new texts.

Thanks, Fabian

[1] https://github.com/apache/flink-web/pull/109