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Re: [VOTE] Enable GitBox integration (#2)

The vote time has passed. We have collected 12 +1 votes (5 binding) and no 0 or -1 votes..

+1 votes:
Dawid (non-binding)
Nico (non-binding)
Ted (non-binding)
Timo (binding)
Thomas (non-binding)
ALjoscha (binding)
Fabian (binding)
Stephan (binding)
Stefan (non-binding)
Till (binding)
Qi (non-binding)
Rong (non-binding)

I will file the JIRA with INFRA shortly.

On 22.05.2018 10:12, Chesnay Schepler wrote:

since no concerns have been raised in the discussion about enabling GitBox [1] I'm opening this vote to make things official.

Please vote on enabling GitBox integration for the flink and flink-web repositories as follows:

[ ] +1, Approve GitBox
[ ] -1, Do not approve GitBox (please provide specific comments)

The vote will be open for at least 72 hours. It is adopted by majority approval, with at least 3 PMC affirmative votes.

This is the second attempt for this vote. The previous vote was cancelled due to the flink-web repository settings. Changes to the previous vote are highlighted in bold.

If accepted I will file a ticket with INFRA to enable GitBox with the following settings:


  * no wiki
  * no issues
  * no projects
  * no merge commit button (rebase/squash merge button still enabled)
  * protected branches [2]: master, release-1.[0-5] (the latter we will
    have to update with each release)


  * no wiki
  **no issues*
  * no projects
  * no merge commit button (rebase/squash merge button still enabled)
  * protected branch: asf-site
  * default branch: asf-site (while we're at it...)

[1] http://apache-flink-mailing-list-archive.1008284.n3.nabble.com/DISCUSS-GitBox-td22328.html
[2] https://help.github.com/articles/about-protected-branches/