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Apache Flex AIR Application problems with a limitation of two HTTP request on windows


reposting this here, since maybe is better mailing list, instead of Apache

This is the thread on Royale with some suggestions on how to fix the
problem. But I was searching for something more easy and close to Adobe AIR
and Apache Flex.


thanks in advance for any help on this issue


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From: Carlos Rovira <carlosrovira@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: lun., 17 dic. 2018 a las 11:31
Subject: Apache Flex AIR Application problems with a limitation of two HTTP
request on windows
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we are in the process of encapsulate an existing Apache Flex app in Adobe
AIR to overcome the #flash2020 problem with browsers.

In this transition, we found a problem with Adobe AIR in windows with a
limit of two HTTP request to the same server. This seems due to Adobe AIR
using WinlNet on Windows that has this 2 limit http request.

Seems we didn't saw this problem with Flex in browsers since those left
behind this limit and allow this days 6 concurrent calls, but AIR, since
used WinlNet, continues with the 2 concurrent call limit, that is a problem

In the other hand don't find any reference to this problem on the internet,
or some solution to apply in Adobe ARI, so maybe there's something I'm
missing, since this problem should be found by many people trying to
leverage existing Flex apps in AIR (or even creating others).

Must say this problem is seen with request that needs several time (due to
some server processing) to complete and send a response.

If anyone know some way to overcome this will be of great help

Thanks in advance for your help

Carlos Rovira

Carlos Rovira