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Re: AMF for .NET Standard now available (.NET Core + olders runtimes)

Will this library support https? I can recall that flourineFX was not
supporting https calls. It used to work only over http.

On Sun 30 Sep, 2018 5:41 pm hugo, <hferreira.80@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> FluorineFx supports .NET since version 1.1 + RTMP + DataSets + other
> features
> and have a deep dependency on Windows Api calls and IIS.
> AMFCore don't support all this features and will never be, and runs
> independent on the OS and web server thru .NET Standard.
> For AMF3 and DTO/VO objects and runtimes that implements .NET Standard
> 2.0+,
> yes, it's a new alternative option.
> If you need features that AMFCore don't support or you can't care about
> .NET
> Core/OS portability than perhaps FluorineFx can be a better option
> (specially if you need that specific features).
> The goal of this library is to migrate a project to .NET Core with the
> mininum effort, so this library supports both .NET Framework and .NET Core
> thru .NET Standard during the process.
> If you need aditional features, can you can implement for you self.
> You can contribute that new features if the performance is not affected
> because I don't care about a library that does everything, I will need only
> 10% and have to pay a price (performance).
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