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Re: Help using LinAlg Library for solving Simultaneous Equations

Hi Phil,

for what I see (I never used that library), is normal AS3 code ready to use
with Apache Flex or with Apache Royale.

Flex will create Flash (SWF) and Royale is a new framework similar to Flex
to output Flash (SWF) or HTML/JS/CSS. So
your first decision is what project to choose depending on what kind of
devices you want to target.

In both you can use that library directly, and then you must use the
components, containers and controls to build the interface. Both
technologies use MXML for declarative development of the user interface and
AS3 code to instantiate the classes in the library you posted.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your project :)


El mar., 18 sept. 2018 a las 12:18, npem (<philip.medlam@xxxxxxxxx>)

> Hi everyone,
>                    I have been looking at using a free library for solving
> a
> set of Linear Simultaneous Equations for Finite Element Solutions
> I have: [F] = [k] [x]
> Where [F] and [x] are vectors
> and [k] is a square matrix
> I was thinking of using the *AS3LinAlg* the library, but it is not obvious
> (At least to me:-) on how to present the data,
> (As it seems to want 2 vectors)
>  which will return a vector.
> Anyone used this Library and could help with what I need to pass to it, for
> example,
> If I want to use Cholesky or LU?
> Or of course any other suggestions for libraries to use?
> Note: The library is at:
> Solver Library <https://github.com/inspirit/AS3LinAlg>
> TIA,
> Phil.
> --
> Sent from: http://apache-flex-users.2333346.n4.nabble.com/

Carlos Rovira