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Help using LinAlg Library for solving Simultaneous Equations

Hi everyone,
                   I have been looking at using a free library for solving a
set of Linear Simultaneous Equations for Finite Element Solutions

I have: [F] = [k] [x]

Where [F] and [x] are vectors
and [k] is a square matrix

I was thinking of using the *AS3LinAlg* the library, but it is not obvious 
(At least to me:-) on how to present the data,
(As it seems to want 2 vectors)
 which will return a vector.

Anyone used this Library and could help with what I need to pass to it, for
If I want to use Cholesky or LU?

Or of course any other suggestions for libraries to use?

Note: The library is at:
Solver Library <https://github.com/inspirit/AS3LinAlg>  



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