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Moonshine IDE 1.15.0 Released!

Flex Community,

Moonshine 1.15.0 arrived!

You can download it from our website http://moonshine-ide.com/ and App

Report any bugs or feature requests on our GitHub project:

Visual Editor: Added the name of the component as a header on the property
Visual Editor: Highlight code for selected element when switching to the
Code tab
Visual Editor: Duplicate controls with CTRL-U (Windows) or CMD-U (macOS)
Visual Editor: Added PanelGrid component.

Updated as3mxml [1] engine to version 0.12.1-SNAPSHOT.
Subversion: Added option to force SVN to trust certificate errors.
Visual Editor: Ignore unknown tags in visual editor XML.
Visual Editor: Allowed text files to be created in visual editor projects
Visual Editor: Enabled scrollbars in mockup area.
Visual Editor PrimeFaces: Improvement to generated code for Grid component.
Visual Editor PrimeFaces: Added additional container to TabView which
allows positioning children in each tab.
Visual Editor PrimeFaces: Added dynamic heights for some components.

Bug fixes and improvements. More in release notes: https://bit.ly/2x7rVW8

[1] https://as3mxml.com/


Piotr Zarzycki

Patreon: *https://www.patreon.com/piotrzarzycki