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Moonshine IDE 1.14.0 Released!

Hello Flex Community!

We are pleased to announce that Moonshine 1.14.0 has been released at
http://moonshine-ide.com/ and on the App Store.

You can report any bugs or feature requests on our GitHub project:

- Basic Git Support Clone, Commit, Push/Pull, View/Revert modifications,
Create/Switch branches
- Option to mark files or folders as hidden in the project tree. Use the
"Show hidden files/folders" setting in the General settings to determine
whether or not these files should be displayed (NOTE: the changes for this
setting will not be applied until the project is closed and reopened, or
Moonshine is restarted).
- Visual Editor: Added duplicate (CTRL-U or CMD-U) and copy/paste
(CTRL-C/CMD-C and CTR-V/CMD-V) actions. This is currently only available by

- Visual Editor: Improvement to PrimeFaces Grids.
- Visual Editor: Added "Command Button" option for Button control.
- Visual Editor: Added reverse command for Tab in property panel using
SHIFT + Tab shortcut.

Bug fixes and improvements. More in release notes: https://bit.ly/2AlQrH0


Piotr Zarzycki

Patreon: *https://www.patreon.com/piotrzarzycki