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Re: Restarting an AIR desktop application

Well, it depends on what you mean by "install".  The Apache Flex Installer 3.3.2 that we hope to release soon is doing something similar.  When you install Apache Flex Installer 3.3.2 for Windows, you are installing a 32-bit app.  When that 32-bit app runs, it automatically downloads a 64-bit app into the Application Storage folder.  Once the 64-bit app is there, the 32-bit app launches the 64-bit app.  So you only installed one thing once, but it brought down other things.

It might also be possible to package the second app as part of the captive runtime bundle.


On 7/4/18, 12:31 AM, "After24" <vincent@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    hi Alex,
    It means the user will have to install to applications ? 
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