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Re: Optimize speed on Android

Thanks for your response.

(P.S I've found your posts really insightful on these forums)

> I already use destructionPolicy=never on my views. It's just that initial
> start up which is a killer! I might try making includeinlayout=false for
> all my MXML on the view, then set them to true in viewActive once the view
> is loaded....

> I don't use useVirtualLayout (so useVirtualLayout=false on all my lists).
> If it is set to true then my custom renders play up and don't render
> properly after scrolling past the first screen. *I assume this is normal
> behaviour when using a custom renderer?* Are you saying I SHOULD have
> useVirtualLayout=true on my lists?

> I should also mention - I am struggling more with using things like
> <s:Move/> (so spark animations) - e.g the user clicks a button and an
> <s:BitmapImage cacheAsBitmap=true/> on the screen moves on the x plane to
> off the screen. That is really stuttering - more then the Lists/Scrollers.
> Would you recommend using a custom animation library (like Tweener or
> TweenLite?). I'm wondering if it is because I am using an exponent
> transition rather then something more simple like a linear one? In a worse
> case scenario I plan to just disable animations on Android devices (which
> I don't want to do).

If I were to move across to pure actionscript for my renderers - which would
you recommend as a starting point:

Extending the UIComponent


Extending the LabelItemRenderer

I assume the LabelItemRenderer Extends the UIComponent but just adds a

Thank you for pointing me to your App. I will download tonight and try on my
S8 test device. I'll let you know how I get on.


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