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Re: Optimize speed on Android

Thanks for the info - I only set 80 as that is what you recommended in your
post above. But what you say about 60 makes sense.

The Android thing is weird.

On a Nexus 5X - everything is super smooth.
Same app on a Samsung S8 - not smooth.

I'm currently using MXML renderers - however following the best practice
guides (no nested elements, using setLayoutPosition, no binding,
opaquebackground, cacheAsBitmap etc)

You're correct - GPU performance is much better, however although the
animations and scrolling improve to 'native' levels, the data processing
speeds take a HUGE dive to unacceptable levels. Trying to write a chunk of
data to a database with transitions takes 4 times as long. Switching views
(even with nothing in the init/creationComplete function) takes 2 times as

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