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Re: Optimize speed on Android

Wow, you're really testing some great stuff to share with the community. Please let us know your conclusions on best combination of settings. You're in territory it never occurred to me to dive into.

And yes, the spark List component includes a "scroller" property and that too will use the Scroller static setting for max drag rate.

On Jun 25, 2018, at 12:24 PM, Lydecker <zach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yea - will do.

I've created a business app (a lot of data processing and SQLite calls).
Worked perfectly on iOS no issues or noticeable lag.

As soon as I put it on a Galaxy S8 - slow as f***! 

(and I've been doing sensible renderers from the start: cacheAsBitmap,
ContentCache, no nested MXML, opaquebackground etc....).

I've made 4 changes just now:

stage.frameRate = 60 (was on 24)
stage.quality = "low" (was on medium)
Scroller.maxDragRate = 80 (was on 30)
<colorDepth>16bit</colorDepth> (was on 32bit)

And it's had a MASSIVE difference.

the render choice is a hard one. on iOS - auto (/cpu) is great.

on Android (with the above improvements) I am finding:
*direct *- useless! But am I correct in thinking that direct and Flex don't
play well?
*auto/cpu *- really punchy with the data loading / swapping between views,
however animations are painful to watch.... (anything being animated has
cacheAsBitmap = true)
*gpu* - animations are almost seemless, however the data processing is
painful - very slow compared to cpu and it takes 2-4 seconds to load a new
view (that's with no data processing or binding taking place until
viewActive function). Also finding itemRenderers with a small height of 1 or
pixels are not being rendered.

I'm not using cacheAsBitmapMatrix as I'm only ever animating in x plane and
never rotating or scaling.

I'll get some specs when I have time to properly benchmark with Scout in the
next few days and report back.

Also I assume the Spark List component inherits the Scroller component, so
the Scroller.maxDragRate will impact the perceived scroll smoothness of a

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