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Re: App Locks Up On Android

I have not done any debugging on devices or any serious Mobile app work with Flex.

Maybe the problem is the app isn't terminating.  If you can attach a debugger to the app, then debug how the app terminates as other apps open up.


On 6/19/18, 7:58 AM, "bilbosax" <waspence41@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Thanks for the reply Alex. I'm really not sure how to debug it in this
    instance. The app never locks up while the app is running, only after I
    minimize it and open up other apps like a browser and then come back to the
    app, in which case it is locked up. On other tablets, it would usually just
    start over from the beginning if you pull it up from the background and
    memory has been exhausted for the app. But in the case of debugging, Scout
    loses connection once the app loses focus to another app, thus I would not
    be able to obtain any real useful information once I minimize the app to
    open another. Can you think of any other way that I could debug it locking
    up when trying to pull it up from the background?
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