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Re: Future of Adobe Flex as a RIA in 2018

Hi Najeeb

Piotr mentioned it already but I want to let you know that Apache Royale is
in heavy development now and it makes you have the same fast development
with AS3 and MXML that you'll have in Flex, but targeting HTML/JS/CSS in
the browsers (as well SWF, but I's not as well developed that what we have
in html now)

I recommend you to check this so you can decide better:


As you can see in the examples, the code is almost the same as Flex, but
the example is running in almost any plataform browser.
You can use Cordova or AIR to go mobile.

About native, some day Royale could compile directly to native iOS, native
Android...as we do now with SWF and HTML different outputs.
In the other hand, Royale HTML output seems to be very optimized, and with
the latest mobile devices, I think HTML is a good option in terms of
performance and you'll be targeting lots of devices with only one

Hope this helps



2018-06-19 10:12 GMT+02:00 najeeb <najeebshaikh@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Thank you for the informative replies. Quite a relief to know that Flex is
> doing well. A couple of other forums where I posted a similar query had
> exactly zero replies.
> I loved Apache Flex the first time I saw an app developed on it way back in
> 2012, and I find it to be an awesome toolkit, and it would be a shame to
> see
> it getting ignored by developers in favor of JS-based toolkits. Not that
> JavaScript is a bad language, but there seems to be an unusual and lopsided
> skew in its favor in the job market. I am guessing this has more to do with
> the artificial hype created around JavaScript, with (non-technical) HR
> managers then insisting on it. And which may have resulted in a dwindling
> number of jobs for other platforms. That said, there is room for all types
> of toolkits, JS or non-JS, and power to all.
> Thanks again, folks!
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Carlos Rovira