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Re: Future of Adobe Flex as a RIA in 2018

Thank you for the informative replies. Quite a relief to know that Flex is
doing well. A couple of other forums where I posted a similar query had
exactly zero replies.

I loved Apache Flex the first time I saw an app developed on it way back in
2012, and I find it to be an awesome toolkit, and it would be a shame to see
it getting ignored by developers in favor of JS-based toolkits. Not that
JavaScript is a bad language, but there seems to be an unusual and lopsided
skew in its favor in the job market. I am guessing this has more to do with
the artificial hype created around JavaScript, with (non-technical) HR
managers then insisting on it. And which may have resulted in a dwindling
number of jobs for other platforms. That said, there is room for all types
of toolkits, JS or non-JS, and power to all.

Thanks again, folks!

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