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Re: Future of Adobe Flex as a RIA in 2018


I agree with Leo. I'm not sure if there is any thechnology which allows you
so fast build Applications in a cross platform way than Apache Flex/Adobe
Air. I believe even if some day something will happen and your application
will need to go and port to other technology you may be able use Apache
Royale. [1]
We are working on this successor of Apache Flex couple of years already -
since almost all are volunteer everything is going slow.

In the other words in theory you may be able to use later written
ActionScript to port all of that to Apache Royale, package it through
Apache Cordova [2] it will still work on Mobile. :)

[1] http://royale.apache.org/
[2] https://cordova.apache.org/


pon., 18 cze 2018 o 20:50 leokan23 <leo@xxxxxxxxxxx> napisał(a):

> Well as a company, we still use Flex for Android and iOS apps (android tv
> and
> tvOS included) and we have at least 1 for windows 10 and macOS. If you are
> comfortable with flex you can build almost anything in a few hours.
> I had issues when it comes to more advanced apps for Android but in most
> cases you can overcome them.
> If you want to be 100% future proof I would suggest Flutter or React Native
> for cross-platform or go native! You can't never go wrong with native!.
> That being said  the community is awesome and I don't thing that there is
> another cross-platform technology that compiles iOS apps in windows!
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