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Future of Adobe Flex as a RIA in 2018

I have to build a mission-critical cross-platform app on both iOS and Android
for a client. The choice of platform is mine to make. I would prefer to go
with a Rich Internet Application (RIA) toolkit.

I have always been more of a server-side guy, and I have rarely if ever done
any client-side programming in HTML/JS, et al, and I find a proliferation of
choices for web-based technologies like Ionic among others. I have never
been too comfortable with web-based toolkits, however. On the other hand, I
find the Adobe Flex platform quite interesting and more suited to my taste.

As an aside, I find Ionic to be quite future-proof (the foreseeable future,
at least), though I would like to reiterate that I am neither comfortable
with JS-based toolkits, nor do I have much time on my hands to learn the
entire stack of Angular + Ionic. Learning Adobe Flex has been fun, and I
have picked up quite a bit of it, including ActionScript in the past couple
of days.

I know that Adobe Flash is (almost) dead. I want to know if Adobe Flex/Air
is actually a good platform of choice for my purpose in 2018. And if it
isn't, can you please recommend some other RIA framework?

PS: I am not asking this question from a job perspective, i.e., dwindling
number of jobs, etc. That doesn't matter to me. Rather, I would like to know
from the community's perspective, as well as support of the technology on
all major deployment platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

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