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Moonshine IDE 1.13.0 Released!

Hello Flex Community!

We are pleased to announce that Moonshine IDE 1.13.0 has been has been
released at http://moonshine-ide.com/ and on the App Store.

You can report any bugs or feature requests on our GitHub project:

- Added Recent Projects and Recent Files menus to the File menu.
- Visual Editor: Added undo/redo support
- Visual Editor: Expand/Collapse the components and properties panels
- Visual Editor: Added new properties to PrimeFaces autoComplete component
which allows field to be filled by data after export.

- Home tab is now closeable.
- Debug View has been moved to the console area.
- Delete Project/File: Improvement in scenario when user tries to remove
project which was already removed
- Allowed '-' filenames except for .as and .mxml
- Removed all references to FlexJS.
- Restricted more special characters from Project names.

*Bug fixes and improvements. More in release notes: *https://bit.ly/2LHAhZn


Piotr Zarzycki

Patreon: *https://www.patreon.com/piotrzarzycki