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Re: Flex snippets for Visual Studio Code

Hi Nemi

2018-06-06 18:35 GMT+02:00 Nemi <neminovno@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Apache Royale snippets should be done in separate extension, so completion
> list would not be mixed.
> Piotr said he will maybe do it. You can read more here:
> https://github.com/BowlerHatLLC/vscode-nextgenas/pull/212
Piotr already did a version for Royale! :)

> I am still catching up with Royale, so in time I could also create
> something
> useful. BTW Is there any link where a lot of Royale components are listed?
> Most used ones? One project with many components use examples would be
> great
> to see what is possible, and also to make snippets per those examples.
Right, check this: https://royale.apache.org/category/royale-examples/
to see all examples we are posting with real examples (code and running
examples) :)


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Carlos Rovira