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Re: Memory Leak

AIUI, no.  If ValidatedComboBox subclasses mx.controls.ComboBox but doesn't override the DropDown, then the dropDown will make itself a child of the Stage and may also attach a listener to the Stage (stage.addEventListener).  I don't think your code can override the Stage's addEventListener so any cleanup calls will not work.   I think you would have to wrap every UIComponent in the framework.

I still think using the profiler or commenting out code is your best bet.


On 5/24/18, 2:13 PM, "aceinc" <pauls@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I never use combobox directly, I always use "ValidatedCombobox" which has my
    clearEvents method in it. Both ValidatedComboBox as well as the class (the
    module that is loaded) that has the code;
    var cb:ComboBox = new ValidatedComboBox(); 
    in it, have the overridden event handler as well as the clearEvents code.
    Would it not clear all of the events created explicitly as well as
    implicitly when clearModuleEvents was call during just prior to unload?
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