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Re: Memory Leak

In general, child UI widgets don't cause leaks unless they attach something to the stage.  So ComboBox is always suspect because it has a dropDown that is attached to the SystemManager/Stage.  A few other components listen for events from the stage.

Also, I want to remind you that foo.addEventListener("someEvent", this.someHandler) creates a reference from foo to the 'this' object.  What you are tracking in your addEventListener override appears to be who is attaching listeners to objects you control the code for, but the leak often stems from module code attaching listeners to objects outside of the module, like the stage, the main app, data objects coming from a server.

Hopefully one of the techniques I suggested earlier will help you figure it out.


On 5/23/18, 7:25 PM, "aceinc" <pauls@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    This is a traditional business application. There are no videos or other
    However some of the modules have multiple tabs with close to 200 (maybe
    more) data entry objects, including enhanced versions of the combo box, text
    input, text area, etc.
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