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Re: Memory Leak

IIRC, if you can run the Flash Builder profiler, you can try to see what the references are to the objects coming from the modules.

Another technique is to comment out parts of the module until it unloads.

Are there any SWF assets in the modules?  Animations and timer-based/interval-based code tends to pin modules in memory.

Also note that anonymous functions can pin a module as well, especially when the anonymous function is an event handler.  The entire scope chain is pinned while the event handler is attached to a dispatcher.


On 5/23/18, 4:01 PM, "aceinc" <pauls@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    To get a flavor for the application, think of a desktop application where
    there is a menu bar, from which you select items. These items would bring up
    "programs" (modules/panels) which are discreet items that perform very
    specific functions. When finished with the "program" it exits (unloads the
    module) and waits for the user to select the next "program" to run.
    It is of course much more complex than this, and there is some communication
    between modules which can be visible at the same time through parent
    application or sometimes directly.
    However the problem I have is if I load the application, select a single
    menu item, close that same menu item 10 times, I end up with 10 occurrences
    in the profiler. I also end up with 10x the classes that were called by the
    module. For example if I have 5 objects of "X" in the module, after loading
    & unloading 10 times there will be 50 occurrences of "X" in the profiler.
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