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Publishing certified AIR application for desktop


In the process of migrating a web Flex application to a desktop AIR
application, I'm struggling with the certification process.

My goal is to publish a native installer (not a captive runtime bundle) for
MacOs and Windows. On Mac OS, the application will be distributed outside of
the Mac app store.

>From my Apple developer account, I have generated a "Developer ID
Application" certificate and have exported it to the.p12 format using
keychain access. Unfortunately, when I try to package a .dmg installer (I'm
using Intellij IDE) after providing the .p12 certificate path I get the
following error :

*Failed to package AIR application : Unable to build a valid certificate
chain for the signer. *

For now I have not managed to find a solution. I dont' know if it's even
possible to sign a native installer package with an Apple developer ID
application certificate.

Online resources on this subject are very limited, here are the interesting
links I found :

-  https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1470113
-  https://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/articles/signing-air-applications.html

But I didn't found anything about the use of an Apple developer ID
Application certificate to sign a native installer package.

Has someone manage to do so ? 

It would be very interesting to hear experiences from other ones with the
process of publishing AIR application for desktop.

Thank you.


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