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Re: [Discussion] Life after FlashPlayer

Olaf, I am very familiar with Flash and with Adobe Air and have used Flex to
develop for both.  Now I mostly do Adobe Air mobile and desktop development. 
But if I wanted to get back into the browser bit, I wonder how I would do it
these days.  It looks like most people do HTML5, JS, and CSS.  This is
DEFINITELY not my favorite way to develop.  What frameworks are most people
doing Flash-like work in the browser these days?

If there was any way on earth, I would love to use my current code base used
in AIR and adapt it for the web.  Is FlexJS a possible way to do this, or is
FlexJS limited in the components that it can support?  I really don't know
anything about FlexJS so would appreciate any light you could shed on it for


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