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Adobe Announcement about Universal 32/64 bit support

Hey all:

If you haven't been following this thread, you may not know that Adobe listened to us and have decided to include universal support in AIR for some time to come and they will be releasing AIR 30 with the adhoc (beta-reports-active) fix so we can use our IDEs out of the box for deploying and debugging devices locally.


Here is the text of Chris Campbell's message (Adobe Staff):

"Based on this thread and others, and after regrouping internally, our plan is to revert the 64-bit only restriction when publishing for iOS.  Our next AIR beta (hopefully out in the next few days) will return functionality to create universal targets for iOS just like you could with AIR 29 (and it'll have the ad hoc fix that many of you are waiting on).
We do not plan on re-implementing this restriction in the near future, but when we do we'll make sure to provide plenty of advanced notice so no one is taken by surprise.  In hindsight, we should have squared away the issues with AIR 29 before making a significant change like this.  Thank you everyone for the feedback."

This is very good news.