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OSCON Call for Speakers open till January 15, 2019

Hi community,

A conference I've always attended and found valuable for networking and
educational purposes has been OSCON.

The Call for Speakers is open till January 15 and there a number of
technical and non-technical topics that I think members of our community
and ecosystem would be well positioned to speak on.

They sometimes offer travel scholarships as well and are always seeking
speakers from under-represented areas.

Let me know if you have any questions!

All the links below.


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Our call for proposals is now open
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July 15–18 •
Portland, OR
Proposals due January 15
Hi Ed,
OSCON <http://link.oreilly.com/gi0TtQW04009MS0rF000IPw> is four
action-packed days of practical training in leading-edge software
development incorporating AI, cloud technology, and distributed computing.
Join us as a presenter to share your best practices, case studies, or deep
technical knowledge and help shape the future of software.
No need to be a seasoned speaker or an industry insider to submit a
proposal. We want to add your voice to the OSCON program. Here are a few
ideas to consider:

   - Emerging open source projects are at the heart of software development
   - Cloud-native development allows open source to thrive
   - Building data-intensive software with a focus on real-time and
   streaming data

Have a look at our list of suggested topics
<http://link.oreilly.com/hWw9jtM00F0004rPQ000SJT> and tips for a successful
proposal <http://link.oreilly.com/MQ0S040TFPt9r00KW0wM0k0>, and submit
yours by January 15.
Apply to speak <http://link.oreilly.com/O0P0wt4S0000QFWl0L0r9TM>
We look forward to hearing your ideas,
Rachel Roumeliotis, Kelsey Hightower
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