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RE: Fineract PMC Chair change: Congratulations Vishwas!

Congratulations Vishwas Babu for the well-deserved role, I learnt a lot from you (Thanks to my frequent interruptions on Skype 😊).


Looking forward to your continued great leadership in the community.


Myrle ,


Thanks for the excellent leadership provided serving the community.





Zayyad A. Said | Chairman & C.E.O


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From: Myrle Krantz [mailto:myrle@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 20 December 2018 02:55 PM
To: dev
Subject: Fineract PMC Chair change: Congratulations Vishwas!


Hello all,


I am ready to pass on the role of Fineract PMC chair.


I believe that a regular change of PMC chair will help to increase community empowerment, and develop skills among the Fineract PMC members. I am looking forward to having more time for my other roles.  I continue to be part of Fineract as a committer and PMC member.


The Fineract PMC has elected Vishwas Babu as my successor.  The ASF board has approved his appointment.  Vishwas is an excellent choice.  Vishwas has been involved with Fineract for longer than I have, and has a deep knowledge of Fineract community dynamics.


Please congratulate Vishwas, and please support him as he serves our community in this new role.


Best Regards,


V.P. Emeritus, Apache Fineract