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Server Startup Issues

Hello ,
I am Supreeth , currently doing my B.Tech in IIIT Hyderabad , i got to know
about the mifos project and at the same time was also very interested to
contribute in the open source projects and found this one the apt for me
since its helping the people in the financial services.

I have been trying out to get the code run it and also see if there is any
debug required for more improvement in the code etc., so has been trying
out for a while and now since i have a rough idea of where to get started
and how by going through the mifos web page .

So far i have imported the project in the Eclipse Ide and was unable to
start the server , There might be some issues which i am unable to rectify
so please help me in this regard.

Looking forward to hearing from you and get this issue fix and move forward
asap. Regards