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Re: Remote Debugging

Supreeth welcome.

Generally you want to introduce yourself to the list, as good etiquette,
and to describe your intentions for working on the project so we have some
idea of 'why'.

Step 2 is to describe what you are attempting to do. E.g. trying to get
project in the eclipse IDE so that I can do xyz.

Step 3 is to describe what challenge you are facing and steps to reproduce
the error you are seeing. Include version of software you are working from.
E.g what version of fineract? What version of eclipse? What screen do you
see the error on, what error ?  Please Be Specific.

Please answer these steps above if you'd like to get some specific advice
or help. We can't guess what your issue may be.


On Wed, Dec 5, 2018, 2:32 AM Supreeth Menon <supreethmenon14@xxxxxxxxx

> Fineract 1.0
> Finding problem in starting the sever . Help me in getting this issue
> resolved.Please