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Fineract CN : Flyway

Dear All,

When i ran the application for the first time, i ran the command with
provisioner = true and all the scripts in resource folder got executed with
schema version tables getting created..

I was playing with the flyway scripts in Fineract CN and when i added a new
script and started the server without provisioner=true command(Ref below
command), the additional flyway script did not execute as expected.

*java -Ddemoserver.persistent=true
-Dcustom.cassandra.contactPoints= <>
-Dcassandra.cluster.user=cassandra -Dcassandra.cluster.pwd=password
-Dcustom.mariadb.host=localhost -Dcustom.mariadb.user=root
-Dcustom.mariadb.password=mysql -jar demo-server-0.1.0-BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar*

Can anyone tell me if i am missing something? Should i delete the DBs and
run the application with provisioner = true.?