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Getting to a Deployable Version of Fineract CN in the Cloud

Hi all,

As was evident in the struggles James faced in getting to a build (1) and
the ever-growing thread on getting a public demo server of Fineract CN up
[2] (still not brought to completion yet), it is very difficult to take the
current set of microservices, build on top of them, and deploy into a
production cloud environment. While it's possible and several companies in
the ecosystem have done so, we need to reduce these barriers to entry and
improve the overall initial experience so we can get more eyes on the new

Isaac's cleanup of this on the How to Build wiki page [3] helps in some
regards and is a step in the right direction.

I'd like us to unite the various efforts in the community to help us get to
providing a build of Fineract CN along with scripts to deploy in various
cloud environments.

I know that one partner in the community has been successfully deploying to
Google Cloud, another to AWS, and we're also exploring deployment in Azure
as well as converting Kubernetes scripts to make it deployable on top of
OpenShift. Courage, through her Mifos GSOC project, also put a significant
amount into containerizing Fineract CN [4]

My goal with this thread is to have one common place to

1) Discuss the challenges/next steps currently faced.
2) Wrap up Courage's work and wrap up Aleks' work.
3) Address at a code level which and how the microservices need to demo the
framework run - simplifying demo server.  [5]
4) Consolidate discussion into a wiki page at
5) Work towards publishing of scripts to make Fineract CN deployable in
different cloud environments

I welcome the individuals from the organizations who have built up this
knowledge to share it on this thread and will try to re-engage Ramesh to
pick up where he left on his volunteer project on this topic [6]


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