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Getting next expected working date

Hi Dev,
Hope everyone is okay. Can some one please help how to the get the next
expected working date from Fineract back-end and display it at front-end?

Things to Note are *Working Days  *table and *Holidays *table. For example
an institution B has *Monday*, *Wednesday* and *Saturday* as their working
days in a week. So from front end how can i fetch the next working day and

*Example*:- Today being a *Monday*, its a working day say for an
institution B, The next expected day is *Wednesday* and date is *5 Dec 2018*
but if *Wednesday* *5/12/2018* is a holiday, it should return *Saturday 8
Dec 2018* as next working date.


Ippez Roberts
Skype ID: ippez.robert1
Email: ippezrobert@xxxxxxxxx