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Re: Announcement: Fineract 1.2.0.RELEASE

Santosh - I was hoping to see an epic or list of tickets or something
similar on the fineract wiki. Is that something I could help with?

I'm probably playing catch up here but I think it helps to show community
momentum if there's a place to document the release and what made it in and
what is pushed out.  Where should I look on Apache infra?


On Nov 20, 2018 12:37 AM, "Myrle Krantz" <myrle@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Santosh,

In general, it's not an announcement until the Fineract PMC approves the
release, and we haven't put it up for a vote yet.  Once that is
accomplished, dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is not the place to announce it when
that comes time either.  dev@community is for discussing community
development in an over-arching Apache context.

With respect to the specifics, I'll respond further on the dev@fineract

Best Regards,
PMC Member, Apache Fineract

On Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 8:25 AM Santosh Math <
santosh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Community,
> We are pleased to announce that the release of Fineract 1.2.0 is scheduled
> on November 30, 2018, pending the final QA and a vote to take place next
> week.You can help with the testing process by accessing the staging server
> at https://staging.openmf.org (mifos/password)
> You can see and track the Release Notes in the following link:
> <

> >
> Any tickets that didn't make it into 1.2 will be going into Fineract 1.3,
> of which planning is already underway.
> We will call for vote of Fineract 1.2.0 release within few days and I
> expect you to clarify any doubts/queries referring the above link of
> Release Notes.
> --
> Thanks & Regards
> Santosh Math
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